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Natural & Holistic Esthetics by Alison Marie Welsh

There is a growing movement in modern society to get back to nature, to find a balance between our bodies and our environment.   Just as the farm-to-table and organic diets feed our internal beings, natural skin care nourishes our outer radiance.

I am very picky with the amount and type of chemicals I allow into my own home.  I have a small daughter with eczema and I myself am allergic to most unnatural “high-end” perfumes and fragrances.  I have found; however, that my skin craves natural and organic ingredients.  A fresh-made mask from nature does far more wonders than a synthetic product.

As a licensed Esthetician, I devote myself to the practice of Natural & Holistic Esthetics.   I specialize in the type of considerate care that is customized to my client’s individual needs.  My goal is to treat and care for your skin without harsh petrochemicals or dubious ingredients.

I have been Holistically Certified through evanhealy skin care and have worked with Intelligent Nutrients, MyChelle, derma e, Dr. Hauschka, Acure, DeVita, Skinveda and Love-Essential Skincare.  I also use fresh made mixtures of my own design in some treatments.  What I use depends on what your skin needs.  Always.



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